Stay Active for Life (SAFL) is programing to help people maintain an active and independent lifestyle.  It promotes improvement in balance and incorporates stretching, strengthening and eye coordination exercises.  The focus is on Seniors and people over 50.

Balance is important through all stages of life - from the child learning to walk, to the athlete improving performance, to the senior enjoying life and remaining independent enough to live at home.

The idea of SAFL was born out of Dr. Patterson's desire to identify and better serve the needs of his patients over 50.  His 29 years of clinical experience and study of the literature led him to conclude that we have to equip people with the knowledge and skills to improve their balance and movement. It is not enough to treat their pains.  The core of the SAFL exercise class is taken from the *NoFalls program.  Additionally, Dr. Patterson incorporates posture training principles into the class.  

To stay active, we have to understand that our nutritional needs change as we age.  As part of SAFL, classes are being developed to teach people what they need to consider for arthritis, inflammation and bone health. 

SAFL classes are sponsored by Dr. Robert Patterson Jr, DC at Overland Chiropractic Integrative Health.  They are held at Tomahawk Ridge Community Center,  FREE of charge, as a community service. 

*The NoFalls program was developed in Melbourne Australia, by Susan Vincent B.A. (physio), Grad Dip Ex Rehab.  The results of the 15 week NoFalls program were published in the British Medical Journal, July 2002. It was shown to significantly reduce the number of falls in seniors ages 70-84.

Level 1 Class - For new participants and those with more limited                                               mobility

Level 2 Class - Advanced balance and exercises work 

Free Classes for Seniors and people over 50 who want to improve Balance and Mobility!  Free balance classes in 

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What is Stay Active for Life?

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