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Posture Training

Has your posture gotten worse? Poor posture not only makes you look old but it effects balance and often contributes to pain.

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Chiropractic Adjustments/

Spinal Manipulation

Dr. Patterson is one of only 4 doctors in Kansas, certified in Cox Flexion Distraction decompression manipulation.  

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Why Integrative Health?

No single profession can effectively treat every ailment or bring about wellness.  The uniqueness of our bodies is why different people respond to different forms of treatment. Each healthcare provider views you through their particular prism, base upon their training and knowledge. 

When we use the term Integrative Health, we are referring to a variety of treatment options and method used within our practice, as well as working with other healthcare providers. 

​Our philosophy is to bring excellence to what we do within a specific area of focus.  While we have patients of all ages, our primary focus is on meeting the needs of patients 50 and over.  We provide conservative pain relief and offer programs to help people stay active for life. 



We all know that diet plays a role in our overall health. Did you know it also effects inflammation, body aches and arthritis?

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