Welcome to the Stay Active for Life (SAFL) members area.   I have chosen to keep this area is restricted as it is meant to compliment your in class training and discussion, not replace it.  It would be easy for an untrained person to perform the exercises incorrectly and do more harm than good. 

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Home Exercises Overview

Stay Active for Life


The following exercises are for stretching and strengthening.  I recommend you perform a short warm up, such as marching in place or walking for 2-5 minutes. Perform strengthening exercises first and finish with stretches. 

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The following exercises are for those who have attended the Stay Active For Life Classes.  You have been trained to perform these correctly.  This is meant to be a reminder / guide for you to practice at home.

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These exercises will be posted soon.


The following are training exercises for eye movement.  Perform these exercises for approximately 1 minute each.  You may puts dots on a wall, or choose a corner or door frame for reference.  Stop if you begin to feel dizzy. 

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