Posture Training

Stand in front of a mirror and close your eyes.  Next, stand in what you feel is your best posture.  Open your eyes and look for the following:

Is your head tilted to one side?

Is one shoulder tip higher than the other?

Is your belt line level or is one hip higher?

Any deviation indicates increased stress in your body and you should have it checked.

How is Your Posture?

Stand Taller = Living Longer

Posture Training

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Check Your Posture

We often incorporate posture training into our treatment plans.  Our program focuses on 3 things.

1. Balance

2. Alignment

3. Motion


The only home equipment you need is a large exercise ball.

Studies have shown that people with poor posture are perceived as being older than they really are.  

Poor posture is more than just an aesthetic problem.  It can increase your risk of falling and contributes to aches, pains and arthritis throughout our bodies.


A 2004 study published in the Journal of American Geriatric Society reported that people with a hyper-kyphotic (bent or hunched over) posture had a 1.44-times higher mortality rate.