Many people are suffering from digestive issues.  As we age, it becomes more difficult to absorb the nutrients we need such as calcium. Our bodies become energy deficient.  Digestive stress can create muscle contraction, inflammation and worsen arthritic conditions.  

Constipation and acid-reflux can become a way of life for people.  While medications can help the symptoms, they do not improve digestion.

Dr. Patterson is certified is certified in enzyme therapy using the Loomis System. 

We use different Enzymes formulations to accomplish 3 things.  

  1. We want to improve the digestion and absorption of food.
  2.  We want to improve elimination of waste products
  3. We want to nourish stressed organ systems


Performing specific lab tests on a 24 hour urine sample gives us valuable information about your digestion. 

It tells us how you are digesting carbs, proteins and fats.  We also look at a number of other factors such as your level of bowel toxicity, hydration, and pH.

Source of Stress Exam

Testing and Recomendations

After taking a history, we perform a Source of Stress examination and 24 hour urine test. This allows us to determine which enzyme formulations to prescribe.  

We also make dietary recommendations on foods that particular patient should eat or avoid eating. 

A special physical examination is performed where we look for muscle contraction, indicating organ stress. 

We examine you both fasting and non-fasting. 

This testing takes approximately 1 1/2 hours in the office to complete. 

The Enzyme Therapy Solution

Nutrition / Diet

24 Hour Urine Testing

Digestive Stress

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