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New Patients  - What to  Expect Your First Visit

1. How long is the first visit?

The initial visit takes approximately 1 hour.  

2. I know what's wrong, Do I have to have an examination?

Yes. The doctor will not treat you without one.  First, we want to make sure you get the best diagnosis and recommendation we can give.  Secondly, failure to do an exam falls below the accepted standards of care and could lead to disciplinary action.

3. Do I have to have X-rays?

Not necessarily.  We may recommend films following an examination.

4. How much will it cost?

This depends upon a number of factors, such as the type of exam needed, and whether or not you need x-rays. If we participate with your insurance, there will be discounted rates. A discount plan is available if you are cash. 

Patient Information

Frequently Asked Questions


We know everyone hates to fill out forms.  We really do need them and we read them.  Fill them out the best you can.  You may think some of the questions don't have anything to do with your problem but other conditions can cause back pain.

To save you time in the office, You may fill out your initial forms on-line at your convenience. 


We are providers for a number of companies.  Bring your card with you and we will do our best to determine your benefits.

X-rays or MRI's

If you have x-rays or MRI discs/reports, please bring them with you. The doctor will want to review them and it could save you money.  After examination, further imaging may or may not be recommended.


After reading your forms, the doctor will review your history with you. An examination will be performed to find the source of your problem AND stressors that may be associated with it.  Often times the area that is yelling at you is the compensation, not the real problem. As the saying goes, "when a crime is committed, it is the victim that screams the loudest."  


Treatment may or may not be performed on the first day due to varying circumstances.  On the first or second visit, the doctor will review his findings with you and make recommendations based upon your goals.

Overland Chiropractic integrative Health What To Expect Your First Visit